We know employment law

Employment law matters to millions of Australians.  Workforce Advisory is working hard to help clients with their business needs.  

Workforce Advisory supports clients with their employment law issues including enterprise agreements, disputes, Fair Work Commission matters and contracts.

Based in Queensland we work with a number of local and national clients as a specialist law firm representing employers and employer associations in all areas of employment law.

We pride ourselves in adopting a practical approach to legal issues aimed at reducing complexity and focussing on relationships.

We look forward to working with you and your business in this exciting new opportunity. 

Please review our services and the significant practical experience of our Practice Director Dean Cameron.





By appointment at

179 Turbot Street
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91 Commercial Road
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M-Th 8a–5p
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Fees & Pricing

Workforce Advisory offers competitive fees and fixed price options.

Fees and charges will vary depending on the complexity of matters from explaining a union template enterprise agreement with your Managers and Directors which may range from a low $1,100.00 to $2,200.00.  However drafting an enterprise agreement may range from $3,300.00 to $10,100.00 up to and including filing with the Fair Work Commission.  More complicated or contested enterprise agreements, union or non-union, will exceed $7,700.00 from our experience.

A limited number of monthly retainers are currently being negotiated including discounted rates, flexibility in services and integration into your business.  Clients with growing businesses are embracing this option to support their management teams across Australia.

We encourage you, your regional managers and human resources team to call as early intervention will save you time and money.

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FREE Initial Consultation

Our Practice Director has a long history of working with industry groups and giving back to the business community. In building on this commitment we do provide a free initial twenty minute free consultation via telephone,

Our policy ensures we stay connected with industry, reflects our values, your trust and supports you our clients.

All amounts are indicative only, include GST and are subject to an agreed scope of works.