Trust forms the basis of all professional service, our Practice Director Dean Cameron has repeatedly been trusted by hundreds of Australian companies.


Workforce Advisory can assist you in all areas of employment law and industrial disputes across Australia including:

  • Contractor agreements and key person arrangements.

  • Contracts of employment, independent contracts and subcontract agreements.

  • Defence of discrimination claims.

  • Defence of unfair dismissal and general protection claims.

  • Employee discipline and termination.

  • Line Manager training and Director awareness training on statutory compliance.

  • Managing ill and injured employee in your workforce.

  • Negotiating and filing enterprise agreements.

  • Project planning and strategic workforce assessments.

  • Restraint of trade and breach of contract issues.

  • Subcontractor management, assessment and training.

  • The introduction of performance management systems.

  • Transmission of business and sale of business issues.

  • Union rights of entry training and achieving a balance with operational needs.

  • Who is a contractor assessment?

  • Workforce investigations.

  • Workforce disputes, strikes and pickets.

  • Workforce planning.

  • Workforce policies, procedures and protocols.

  • Workforce restructuring.



Australian Building and Construction Commission audits, mediation and litigation.

Building Code 2016 compliance audits for contractors tendering on Commonwealth funded works.

Discrimination laws.

Fair Work Commission disputes, inquiries, litigation and hearings.

Fair Work Ombudsman investigations.

Labour Hire Licensing laws.

Payroll Tax for contractors.

Queensland Industrial Relations Commissions matters for local governments.

Wage Audits for contractors, supply chains, franchisees and corporate customers.

WorkCover Queensland.


assist industry groups or special interest with policy development

Parliamentary enquires – Representation at hearings, drafting submissions and strategy management

Working with employer groups – Coordinating industry responses to policy needs and mediation of disputes..

Developing industry standards - Working with regulators and industry to deliver improved standards.

Industry briefings – On new legislative requirements or proposed policy changes

Policy development - Including statutory reforms, tax reforms and regulatory compliance to deliver better workplaces.